Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager
Social media is one of the best ways to find new customers and keep past customers coming back. Having social media accounts is a great first step, but having someone who knows how to run those accounts and platforms to optimize your results is the best way to ensure the success of your business through social media. Most large companies have a social media expert working around the clock, monitoring social media for new trends and opportunities. As a real estate professional running your own business, you need to ask yourself if this is something you can do yourself or would you be better served finding someone to help. Here are a few things that your social media manager should be able to handle, whether that is you or someone else.
5 Tips to Be a Succcessful Agent in 2022
Real estate agents know there's no such thing as a slow season for them. During the winter months when most markets are quieter, agents need to be ramping up their marketing and prospecting efforts so they have a deep well of leads going into the busy spring season. While the season is slow for your clients, move fast to hit the ground running in 2022 with these five real estate tips: 1. Make a plan for prospecting to find seller leads before busy season If you wait until busy season to start looking for seller leads, then you're waiting far too long. The few months leading into the spring are crucial times to get on a prospect's radar as they think about selling their home. You can start building your plan by reading our prospecting guide, which has tips and resources for how to find those seller leads. Decide how much of your marketing budget should be devoted to prospecting — things like postcards and flyers, and other collateral you might want to leave with a prospect after chatting. You'll also want to identify neighborhoods, especially specific homes, that seem primed to sell soon. You could drive through neighborhoods and look for signs of a distressed home, or you could make a point to touch base with past clients. Remember that couple who said they were looking for a "starter home" a few years back? Reach out and see if they're ready to find a bigger place in 2022. 2. Set up a Google business profile to rank higher on Google Buyers and sellers rely on Google, whether they are looking for an agent or a new home. So if you aren't at the top of the first page of search results, then prospects simply won't see you. Dominate that prime real estate by getting a Google business profile. It takes a little bit of time to build trust with Google, which is why starting now will put you in a much better spot come springtime when more buyers and sellers are searching. 3. Advertise in the winter to get a better ROI and more exposure Though winter is a slower season, it's actually a great time to run advertising campaigns. Even if they are simply brand awareness campaigns, you'll be dealing with less competition. That means every advertising dollar will go farther than it would during the busy season, which will improve your overall ROI. Read our winter real estate advertising guide to get the full download on the benefits of running ads in the slower months. 4. Improve your online reputation by asking clients, colleagues, and family for Google reviews The benefit here is three-fold: 1. You get seen by more buyers and sellers on Google. In the past, we did a study on the thousands Homesnap Pro+ members who have Google business profiles managed by our team. The results were clear: When agents had at least one review, they saw significant boosts across the board. More profile views (+71%); more calls, texts, and website visits (+122%); and they showed up in twice as many Google searches. 2. You create a compelling reason to reach out to former clients, which is a great touchpoint for prospecting and continuing to foster that relationship. What if you reach out for a Google review, and that seller from five years ago tells you they're thinking about selling again? What if your outreach jogs their memory, and they remember that a friend is looking to sell very soon and needs an agent? At the very least, you can get a five-star review that's going to get you more attention on Google. At the most, you might get a referral or two. All of these outcomes are ideal as you're picking up steam in the beginning of 2022. And remember: A word-of-mouth referral is great and can reach a handful of people. But a Google review is a supercharged referral that can reach hundreds — or thousands — of people. 3. You can update the contact information for your sphere. As you're reaching out for Google reviews, you'll undoubtedly learn if your sphere's contact info has changed. If you reach that contact, great! You know their email or phone number is still active. You could even confirm it's the best way to reach them as part of your conversation. If you can't reach them, you can note that the phone number or email didn't get a response — or note if you got clear confirmation that the contact info is now wrong. Cleaning up contact information will be a big help as you start the new year. 5. Evaluate the tools you're using — and the ones you should be using Take a look at all the tools you're using — apps, software, everything — and ask yourself the following: When was the last time I used this? Even if you haven't used a tool in a while, still take the time to revisit and evaluate it. Are there new features that appeal to you that make this tool a keeper? Is it simply one more thing to worry about that isn't going to add more value? Take action accordingly to streamline your tools. Is it duplicative? Do you already have other apps or software that accomplishes the exact same goal? Assess whether some of your tools are redundant and unnecessary, so you can clear out the clutter (and possible save some money). Am I paying too much for this? Especially on the apps and software you're paying for each month or year, assess whether the price is simply too high. Is there a way to accomplish the same goals for free? Do you even need the pricey tool anymore? It's important to assess your budget as the year begins so you can allocate funds accordingly. To view the original article, visit the Homesnap blog.
Request Earnest Money Transfer with Dotloop and Earnnest
The 2021 Real Estate Give-Back Guide
BoomTown recently wrapped up the second annual BoomTown Give Back Awards, a very special initiative designed to celebrate the real estate professionals that are paying it forward and creating positive change in their communities. Three deserving recipients are awarded with The Walk-the-Talk Award, The Creative Changemaker Award, and The Helping Hand Award, and $1,000 each to help them continue to make an impact. With so many incredible nominations, we're able to learn about dozens of organizations and initiatives that are near and dear to our real estate community. If you are feeling motivated to pay it forward this year and make giving back an integral part of your business, you can leverage this Give-Back Guide to get started! GiveBack Homes Giveback Homes is a community of real estate professionals who are committed to creating social change by helping build homes for deserving families around the globe. We work together to organize fundraising events, mobilize teams of volunteer homebuilders, and we inspire others to take action for social good. Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities. The Realtors Relief Foundation The REALTORS® Relief Foundation (RRF) is a charitable organization dedicated to providing housing-related assistance to victims of disasters. Created as a REALTOR®-driven response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, RRF continues to restore and rebuild communities effected by disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes thanks to the generosity of individual REALTORS®, REALTOR® associations, and affiliated organizations. Together, through the RRF, our community has helped over 17,000 families remain in their homes. Salvation Army's "Real Estate Wednesdays" It began in the Spring of 2013 as many great things do, unexpectedly over a quiet lunch between friends. Super volunteer and member of the Salvation Army's National Advisory Board, Marlene Klotz-Collins, was welcoming Joseph and JoAnn Callaway to the organization's Phoenix Advisory Board. JoAnn told Marlene how dedicated she and Joseph were to the red kettles at Christmas. Marlene explained to JoAnn that Wednesdays were a challenge when getting volunteers. "The Army actually has to hire paid workers to ring bells at many of the kettle locations," Marlene said. JoAnn immediately volunteered herself and Joseph, and by dessert she had volunteered the whole home ownership industry. After months of planning, more than 1,000 real estate agents, title company officers, lenders, and affiliates came together to ring the bells at more than 180 kettle locations throughout Maricopa County. Real Estate Wednesdays was born. Realty Gift Fund Realty Gift Fund is a group of nonprofit and real estate professionals who recognize the unique problem of real estate donations, and who established Realty Gift Fund to make a meaningful impact on charitable giving through gifts of real estate. Opportunity Starts at Home Opportunity Starts at Home is a long-term, multi-sector campaign to meet the rental housing needs of the nation's low-income people. Housing affordability is central to other national priorities, like health care, food security, education and more. Yet the gap between rents and incomes is growing, and this is compounded by unprecedented threats to federal housing assistance. Proven solutions to ending homelessness and housing instability exist – what's missing is the political will to provide resources that will put these solutions into practice in communities across the nation. Homes for Heroes Homes for Heroes provides heroes with more savings than any other national program. When heroes buy or sell a home using Homes for Heroes, they also help other heroes in need because Homes for Heroes, Inc. donates a portion of its earnings to the Homes for Heroes Foundation. This Circle of Giving strengthens American communities by putting more money into the hands of our American heroes, and benefits American community programs, organizations and businesses. To view the original article, visit the BoomTown blog.
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One2One Coaching
Coaching–Just for You! “A coach can get more out of you than you can get out of yourself.” -Brian Buffini At Buffini & Company, we have a step-by-step system to help you grow your business Working by Referral so you can live the good life. Your Coach will provide you with: A business plan based on the goals/vision you set for your future. An added layer of accountability while also tracking your progress. Assistance identifying your strengths and weaknesses and then advise you about managing them. This combination along with the tactics, skills and ideas they share help to motivate you to reach a successful balance of business, financial and personal growth. Learn more about One2One
SentriLock's BlueTooth® REALTOR® Lockbox
The SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® lockbox helps make showing and selling properties safe and efficient. This video highlights system advantages and newest
Top Producer IDX and Top Producer Websites
You’re Better than Your Competition! Stop keeping it a secret and let the world know with a Top Producer® Website. Websites Tailored to Fit Your Brand We’ve got hundreds of website designs for you to choose from, and each one is fully customizable. Showcase Your Listings & Satisfy Your Sellers With a Top Producer® website you’ll be able to showcase your listings with attractive layouts, lots of photos, interactive maps, and an open house calendar that lets buyers schedule appointments directly with you. Automate Your Follow-up with Top Producer® CRm Integration Because Top Producer® IDX seamlessly flows lead information into Top Producer® CRM application, you’ll be able to put your follow-up on autopilot, and stay in touch with your prospects effortlessly. Incubate Prospects and Bank Future Business. When you combine a Top Producer® Website with Integrated IDX, you get a lead incubator that can help turn a long-term prospect into a future customer. Your visitors get access to fresh property data, and you get the opportunity to nurture an early-stage prospect into a long-term
Local Showings
Local Showings is an independent, full-featured property showing software and service and is the culmination of years of technical preparation and the perfect mixture of right place, right time. Local Showings was designed to integrate with real estate organizations' existing technology and be used as either a standalone product or within the DeltaNET 6. The platform will allow agents to: Schedule showings of any listing in their MLS Offer a calendar view of available times Generate seller reports Highlight feedback Facilitate communication with other agents. Call center support is also included, providing agents and brokerages the help they're so used to receiving from Delta Media Group, as is a no-sell
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Industry News

Pending Home Sales Subside 2.2% in November
WASHINGTON (December 29, 2021) - Pending home sales slipped in November, receding slightly after a previous month of gains, according to the National Association of Realtors. Each of the four major U.S. regions witnessed contract transactions decline month-over-month. Year-over-year activity mostly retreated too, as three regions reported drops and only the Midwest saw an increase. The Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), a forward-looking indicator of home sales based on contract signings, fell 2.2.% to 122.4 in November. Year-over-year, signings slid 2.7%. An index of 100 is equal to the level of contract activity in 2001. "There was less pending home sales action this time around, which I would ascribe to low housing supply, but also to buyers being hesitant about home prices," said Lawrence Yun, NAR's chief economist. "While I expect neither a price reduction, nor another year of record-pace price gains, the market will see more inventory in 2022 and that will help some consumers with affordability." Yun notes that housing demand continues to be high, explaining that homes placed on the market for sale go from "listed status" to "under contract" in approximately 18 days. "Buyer competition alone is unrelenting, but home seekers have also had to contend with the negative impacts of supply chain disruptions and labor shortages this year," he said. "These aspects, along with the exorbitant prices and a lack of available homes, have created a much tougher buying season." Yun adds that a countrywide surge of the omicron variant poses a risk to the housing market's performance, as buyers and sellers are sidelined, and home construction is delayed.®'s Hottest Housing Markets most recent data showed that out of the largest 40 metros, the most improved markets over the past year were Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Fla.; Tampa-St. Petersburg, Fla.; Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, Colo. November Pending Home Sales Regional Breakdown Month-over-month, the Northeast PHSI declined 0.1% to 99.4 in November, an 8.5% drop from a year ago. In the Midwest, the index fell 6.3% to 116.8 last month, up 0.2% from November 2020. Pending home sales transactions in the South ticked down 0.7% to an index of 148.2 in November, down 1.3% from November 2020. The index in the West slipped 2.2% in November to 105.5, down 4.6% from a year prior. The National Association of Realtors® is America's largest trade association, representing more than 1.5 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.
Homeownership in U.S. Again Less Affordable in Fourth Quarter as Prices Keep Soaring
'First-Time Buyer' Season 2 Now Available on Hulu
CHICAGO (December 28, 2021) -- The second season of First-Time Buyer by the National Association of Realtors is now available to stream on Hulu. The docuseries was created by NAR to provide the most realistic portrayal of the American homebuying process while highlighting the vital role that Realtors® play in helping U.S. consumers achieve the dream of homeownership. "First-Time Buyer gives viewers a genuine, inside look into the emotions our clients face as they go through the homebuying process," said NAR President Leslie Rouda Smith, a Realtor® from Plano, Texas, and a broker associate at Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate in Dallas. "This series does a fantastic job of showing how Realtors® help their clients navigate all the challenges that can pop up during a transaction to ensure a successful and secure first home purchase." Like season one, each of the eight new episodes follows different individuals, couples and families through their first homebuying journey. The new season was filmed in different locations across Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina. "The appeal in these stories is that they feature people that you can relate to," said NAR Head of Production Alicia Bailey. "They face many of the common first-timer fears that can often prevent someone from starting or continuing their home search. We also see firsthand how Realtors®' expertise is invaluable when facing the unexpected. Sometimes you need an expert to help make a milestone decision with confidence." First-Time Buyer is an extension of NAR's consumer advertising campaign, which works to elevate the Realtor® brand by highlighting unique differentiators, such as Realtors®' commitment to the association's Code of Ethics and how that distinguishes Realtors® from non-member real estate agents and listing apps. Third-party market research conducted in Fall 2021 showed that roughly 89% of viewers were more likely to use a Realtor® as a result of NAR's "That's Who We R" campaign. All episodes from season one are also currently available to stream for free on YouTube, Facebook and The National Association of Realtors® is America's largest trade association, representing more than 1.5 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.
ShowingTime Data Reveals Impressive Year-Over-Year Demand Across the U.S. as Holiday Home Showing Traffic Heats Up
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Realtyna® Inc. is a Web Development company that was established in 2007. We are fully focused on Real Estate web applications and solutions. Our mission statement: “To be recognized and trusted in the Real Estate industry as a top-notch technology provider, by developing the most advanced and cost-effective Real Estate applications and services.” Some Facts About Realtyna®: Realtyna® is a well-known player in Real Estate Online Solutions More than 10 Million Lines Of Code: ONLY for Real Estate Web Applications Realtyna® has the most flexible, scalable and feature-rich applications in the market Useful add-ons for bringing brilliant functionality to your website More than 150,000 clients/users (As of Feb. 2016) Excellent Client Satisfaction Rate – Proven Track Record Owned Owned license model offered for a one time payment Lifetime Updates Host it on your server or Realtyna’s®….The choice is yours! Complimentary Installation of products Free support coverage for one year with an optional support
Who is eMerge designed for?The eMerge email marketing platform is designed for any business, brandor individual looking to create, manage & track email marketing initiatives.eMerge real estate campaigns provide brokers, agents & teams a helping hand each month withconsumer engagement, agent recruitment & retention, and lead nurturing &
VirtualTourCafe embarked on a journey to completely redesign and redevelop the online software to meet the needs of today’s real estate industry as well as the new “Web 3.0” graphical and responsive designed websites. Eight thousand hours of developing later, VirtualTourCafe 3.0 was launched on June 1 st , 2016. The new and improved service offers many new features and benefits for the real estate agent, but more importantly positions VirtualTourCafe for the future! The VirtualTourCafe difference: An integrated easy-to-use modern solution for every real estate agent! Today we are still a small but growing company based in Pleasanton, CA with a small staff and lots of help from our friends, family and business partners. We work with independent contractors, photographers and virtual partners around the world. We are proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time with loyal customers who have been with us from the beginning! We have been able to maintain our values and moral compass pointed in the right direction, while always treating our customers, employees and associates as if they are family, and living life full of love and gratitude, one day at a
Welcome to pure productivity for real estate brokers, agents & teams: CRM, IDX websites, lead gen, email, text, social, automated campaigns & workflows, and custom consulting. Intuitive, easy-to-use technology, complemented by fanatical training, support and business consulting.
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WATCH: Market Like a Social Pro in 2022
When it comes to real estate marketing, it's not about what you know or who you know, but who knows you. That's what we discovered in a recent webinar about upping your online marketing game in 2022. Presented in a fun, fast-paced class format by two social media educators, webinar attendees learned all about: The top platforms that agents are under-using How to use those platforms to bring in leads What to post How to cross-promote across all your platforms And so much more! Watch the webinar recording below to learn how to take your online marketing strategy to the next level in 2022: Webinar Guests ‍Stephanie Alfonso, Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology ‍Dylan Handy, Business Development Consultant, Elm Street Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Stephanie Alfonso introduces the topic and fellow panelist Dylan Handy. 3:21 - Stephanie on what Elm Street Technology is and what the company offers. 3:58 - Dylan talks about a new class that Elm Street is offering, "Getting Social with Dylan." 6:05 - The two sides of lead generation traffic: free and paid. 7:15 - What are your weaknesses in social media? Your business strengths? 9:18 - The top seven platforms that real estate agents don't fully utilize in their online marketing strategy. 10:20 - How to use blogging to boost your SEO and generate leads. 12:39 - What should you blog about? 16:31 - Blogging guidelines for success. 19:39 - The ins and outs of marketing on Facebook, including what to post. 29:00 - What is an optimized Facebook post? 31:05 - Facebook ads vs. Facebook boosted posts. 35:00 - Promoting your business on Instagram. 37:49 - Promoting your business on LinkedIn. 39:36 - Leveraging Twitter for online marketing. 42:25 - How to leverage YouTube in your marketing strategy. 44:48 - The importance of real estate websites to SEO and lead generation. 47:26 - Why online marketing starts with blogs and integration. 48:40 - What to say about your marketing strategy at your next listing appointment. 49:36 - The two major paid lead generation sources. 52:20 - All about PPC ads, or paid search ads. 53:48 - Zillow/ ads versus PPC and social media ads. 55:07 - The importance of systems and processes to handle incoming leads. 55:35 - The secret to successful social media and online lead generation. 57:56 - How Elevate can help real estate agents with their online marketing. 1:04:42 - An exclusive discount on Elevate for RE Technology subscribers. 1:15:55 - Who to contact to learn more about Elevate or to sign up. Next Steps Visit to learn more Email Dylan or Stephanie for more information Read articles about Online Marketing and Social Media, or explore more Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
WATCH: Turning Your Database into a DataBANK
In 2014, Greg Dallaire decided that it was "time that we invest in a Ferrari instead of driving a Chevy." The broker/owner of Dallaire Realty wasn't talking about automobiles, however, but on upgrading his team's technology to take their business to the next level. That's when his team started transforming their database into a "databank." In a recent webinar, Greg shared the techniques he uses to maximize the value of his database. He touched on everything from leveraging analytics to gauge a lead's interest levels, his past client outreach strategy, and how regular, in-person events make a difference to his brokerage. He also shared how investing in a high level CRM—BoomTown, in his case—made all the difference to his team's success, and he showed us exactly how he uses it. Watch the webinar recording below to learn how a top real estate practitioner is using technology across his team of 12 people to absolutely kill it in their local market. Webinar Guests Greg Dallaire, Broker/Owner, Dallaire Realty Moderator: Victor Lund, CEO, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelist. 1:00 - Greg Dallaire on growing his brokerage and the technology he uses. 7:25 - Why a successful real estate team is about more than "body count." Greg discusses the longevity of his team members and how he supports their growth. 11:55 - Proof of success: Greg shares his team's sales numbers over the past eight years. 17:57 - Nurturing your database, including past clients, is crucial for a healthy sales pipeline. 19:36 - The details of how Greg leverages past clients and reaches out to them using his CRM, BoomTown. 30:42 - How Dallaire Realty leverages events in his business. 40:13 - How Greg leverages Seller eAlerts, which are like a mini CMA, to get clients to return to his website regularly—rather than going to Zillow,, etc. 47:47 - Using predictive analytics with closed clients. 49:38 - Greg recommends a book, Ninja Selling, as a boon to his business. 50:30 - Q&A segment. Next Steps To learn more about BoomTown, watch this product tour Read articles about CRM, or explore more CRM solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars Register for our next webinar, Market Like a Social Pro in 2022
Let the Showings Begin: An Exclusive Pre-Launch Look at Homesnap Showings
It's almost here! Homesnap is on the verge of releasing its showing management platform, Homesnap Showings, and RE Technology got an exclusive look at the new product. Homesnap Showings is a free component of Homesnap Pro and will be available to Homesnap Pro users at no additional charge. Currently, the product is available in two test markets, and Homesnap expects over 50 MLS integrations by the end of the year. In a recent webinar, we got a first look at Homesnap Showings. Watch the recording below to see a demo of Showings on desktop, mobile, and via MLS integration. Webinar Guests Lou Mintzer, SVP Product Development, Homesnap Lynn Mathysse, Director Product Management, Homesnap Alli Varnes, Product Manager, Homesnap Moderator: Victor Lund, CEO, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Victor Lund introduces the topic and panelists. 2:15 - Lou Mintzer introduces Homesnap and its partner, the Broker Public Portal. 6:21 - Homesnap Showings is a free component of Homesnap Pro. 9:07 - Lou begins a live demo of Homesnap Showings. 12:12 - How to configure a showing. 16:15 - What Smart Notifications are and how they work. 21:00 - Lynn Mathysse continues the demo by showing how to set up a showing on mobile. 23:49 - What in-app messaging looks like for different user roles within the app. 25:16 - Creating multi-stop showing itineraries. 34:00 - What a Showing Activity Report looks like from the listing agent's side. 39:21 - Alli Varnes demonstrates two MLS integrations. 45:42 - Question and answer segment. Next Steps To learn more about Homesnap, visit MLS executives can reach out to to learn more Read articles about Showing solutions, or explore more Showing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
WATCH: Looking for Listings? Learn the Secrets of Legendary Lead Generation in 90 Minutes
It's a seller's market and real estate agents across the country are looking for ways to find more seller leads. To help you get a jump-start on your lead gen strategy, we recently hosted a webinar with two top real estate trainers on how to generate more seller leads and position yourself in today's competitive market. Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about: Organic leads - Social media and SEO Paid leads - Interruption and search-based marketing How to win the listing - What to bring to the listing presentation And more! Webinar Guests ‍Stephanie Alfonso, Business Development Consultant at Elevate ‍Dylan Handy, Business Development Consultant at Elevate Video Timeline 0:00 - Stephanie Alfonso introduces the topic and fellow panelist Dylan Handy. 7:38 - Why lead generation starts with an online presence. 8:26 - Dylan shares seller statistics. 9:58 - The importance of real estate websites in lead generation. 14:18 - Building SEO with blogs integrated into your website. 22:28 - The benefits of social media in lead generation. 43:00 - How to leverage YouTube for your business. 47:28 - Using paid traffic for lead generation. 48:23 - Difference between Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads. 50:43 - What a PPC (pay-per-click) ad campaign looks like. 51:31 - Seller lead keywords to use in your ad campaigns. 51:57 - How to leverage a lead capture landing page. 54:06 - Interruption-based marketing. 58:22 - How to nurture leads with email campaigns. 1:00:27 - Using direct mail to target seller leads at home. 1:03:58 - How to turn leads into clients with your listing presentation. 1:05:55 - What to say on your next listing appointment. 1:07:25 - Recap. 1:10:00 - Learn more about what the Elevate platform has to offer real estate agents. Next Steps Visit to learn more. Email Dylan or Stephanie for more information. Read articles about Online Marketing and Social Media, or explore more Online Marketing solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars
Rethinking the Inventory Shortage: How these teams are doing better than ever
Got inventory? The truth is, few areas do--and that's made for an extremely challenging summer real estate market. But challenges can be overcome, and to find out how, we turned to two top-producing team leaders. In a recent webinar, they shared their market challenges, how they leverage data to convince homeowners to list, tips for motivating their teams, and more. Discover their secrets to success by watching the webinar recording below: Webinar Guests Trey Willard, Team Leader, The W Group Becky Garcia, Team Leader, The Garcia Group Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology Video Timeline 0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists. 1:04 - Trey Willard shares what market conditions and inventory are like in the Baton Rouge area. 3:08 - Becky Garcia shares what market conditions and inventory are like in the Phoenix area. 4:31 - Will normal seasonal market patterns return any time soon? 7:05 - Which data, tools and reports help convince homeowners that it's time to list? 20:36 - How long does it take to warm up a lead? 25:05 - Why CRMs are a core tool for success in real estate. 30:52 - Becky and Trey share the other ways they use technology to combat low inventory. 36:25 - The panelists share how much time they spend working their CRM, and their team set-ups. 43:33 - How to focus on the long-term growth of your real estate business despite market changes. 53:06 - Tips for managing team member performance. 57:20 - Becky and Trey share their advice on how to take your business to the next level. Next Steps To learn more, watch this BoomTown product tour Read articles about CRM, or explore more CRM solutions in our Product Directory Watch more webinars Register for our next webinar, Looking for Listings? Learn the SECRETS of Legendary Lead Generation in 90 minutes
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