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RPR for Commercial

Comprehensive data clients require, all in one place, just for REALTORS®

Your one-stop-shop for comprehensive market data, allowing REALTORS® specializing in commercial properties to save time and money. RPR Commercial is your REALTOR® benefit, already incorporated into your REALTOR® dues. 
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Where are the right customers for a business?

Using democraphic, psychographic and spending data information, RPR helps you identify areas of high concentrations of the customers your client is looking for.  
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RPR commercial 3 What's the best location for a business?

Help business owners find the best location based on an analysis of spending dta within a drive time, radius, or general area. Find the optimum site for a specific business type like restaurant, coffee or apparel shop, etc. 
What's the best retail business for a location?

Determine what business would be appropriate for a given location by examining spending data and what business types are underserving the area. Receive results in a chart indicating which business types are over and underrepresented in a specific area. 
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RPR commercial 5 Powerful Thematic Maps

View demographic information overlaid in your defined area of interest, allowing you to see locations with the highest concentration of the indicator. 
Comprehensive Reporting

Provide your client with the best reports in the business in just a few minutes! Whether your client is looking for a detailed trade area report, business opportunities chart or a property report, RPR Commercial reports are guaranteed to impress. 
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Spot-on Commercial Site Selection Is How the Cookie 'Crumbls'
In one of our recent articles, Find the Right Site for Your Clients' Customers, we used a hypothetical client and situation to explain and demonstrate how the RPR Commercial Site Selection tool works. We hope you found it useful and visited the RPR site (Realtors Property Resource) to try it out for yourself. As fate would have it, days after we published the Site Selection step-by-step post, a "real world" example came by our desks. And after checking it out, we just had to share it with our loyal readers/users. Because, well, that's just how the cookie crumbles... Fresh, hot franchise taps into RPR site selection to make the most dough Cynthia Lee, a REALTOR® and Broker/Associate with KW Commercial in San Antonio, Texas recently helped a franchisor find the perfect retail location for their trendy, up and coming specialty sweet shop. Was it cinnamon rolls? Cupcakes? Bundt cakes? Doughnuts? Cookies (insert Cookie Monster frenzied munching sound effects)! Cynthia's client, Crumbl Cookies, is a fast-growing, popular brand in the dessert category, with retail locations popping up all over the country. Their concept? To make the greatest chocolate chip cookie ever. Of course, they've taken things a bit further by offering four specialty cookies each week, a rotating menu of one-of-a-kind cookie flavors such as Biscoff Lava, Coconut Lime, Funfetti, Key Lime Pie, Midnight Mint, Muddy Buddy and Snickerdoodle, to name a few. Rotating recipes such as these, plus their staples of chocolate chip and frosted sugar cookies, have really put them on the munchie map. Each store features an open-kitchen design where customers can see all the fresh, high quality ingredients that go into each batch. The scooping, the baking, the topping and the boxing all happens out in the open, which creates a fun environment and experience for customers. And Cynthia's client needed to know, "Where are the customers in San Antonio who would appreciate and pay for these top shelf baked goods?" Are those cookies baking... or is it the sweet smell of success? Fortunately for Cynthia, Crumbl knows exactly where their customers' sweet spot is, as far as marketing targets and demographics. They indicated that their target customer is: "Soccer Moms," mid 30s-40s Family Female $90K+ income Area with Population Growth Housing Growth Identified several possibilities, but then requested placement in a larger center with a few large stores. Armed with this target customer information, Cynthia was able to use her local knowledge and insight as a commercial real estate specialist, and use RPR's Commercial Site Selection tools to pinpoint Crumbl's ideal location. "I was a regular user of RPR when I was a residential agent, but never really utilized the Site Selection tool for commercial until recently," explained Cynthia. "I had no idea how great of a resource and tool it is! It's so easy to just assume anything with NAR is only residential focused, when in reality, RPR offers just as many commercial features. I had no idea what we were missing out on." RPR's Site Selection tool enabled Cynthia to crunch some data and turn that info around to her client in no time. "The best part about the RPR Site Selection tool is how quickly I can get a detailed and useful report about a trade area to our clients. It just makes the site selection process so much more efficient and is of tremendous value, especially when dealing with some of our more analytical clients." And of course, when she delivered the final package, her commercial client was more than impressed. "They were shocked at how fast I was able to get them what they were looking for. Thanks to the target customer information they provided me with, I was able to present a ranked list of different market segments, and the people who make up these areas, including their spending habits and other relevant socio-economic traits. My client was blown away by all the statistics and data, and how it was all packaged together in the report I delivered." RPR Commercial delivers the goods Well, two things probably happened after reading this article: you're curious about the RPR Commercial Site Selection tool and how you can use it for your next client. And... you really want a cookie! (The author feels your pang.) Visit RPR today to see how much RPR Commercial offers, including free access to one million active listings and 57 million off-market properties, plus prospecting, site selection and tools to enhance your business. To view the original article, visit the RPR
Following the Money: Is Proptech the Pied Piper or the Savior of Commercial Real Estate?
Proptech is advancing all areas of commercial real estate from developments in building innovations and blockchain technology to smart homes and green tech. If you are a commercial real estate agent, you are noticing the change. Globally, real estate is the biggest industry and depending on where the data comes from, its value ranges from billions of dollars to trillions of dollars. That is a lot of money coming from one sector with investors throwing more into proptech innovations daily. So are all these changes in technology making the road to success easier or are they leading you down the wrong path? Tech investors are flocking to the real estate industry because they envision a future that allows you to better share information, control energy consumption, and improve construction workflow. Precise Information Change is good. Without the use of current technology, it would be virtually impossible to do business in today's commercial real estate market. Technology has allowed you to precisely measure square footage calculations, visit properties through 3D tours and submit all legal documents necessary through online methods. Simply put, proptech and CRE go hand in hand and incorporating them into your daily routine is essential. You cannot afford to fall far behind in your use and understanding of proptech, or you stand to lose your way. Data Commercial real estate deals with a huge amount of data. Everything from contracts and legal documents to building information and management operations. There is a need to provide easier and faster ways to source and transmit data. Enter the technology sector. Tech investors are jumping into the billion-dollar real estate industry to satisfy the need. According to Prescriptive Data in 2019, there were over $31 billion VC proptech investments. Companies are investing in ways to supply better and more accurate ways to deal with all the data through a variety of innovative methods. Blockchain Blockchain technology is not just for cryptocurrencies, it takes on a whole new meaning when delivering information in the commercial real estate industry. This developing proptech helps to easily maintain and control transactions in a very transparent way. Future audits of facts and figures are simplified through the use of blockchain technology benefiting you as a real estate agent by allowing verification of transactions quickly and easily. Reducing risk and streamlining processes are just some of the perks you can look forward to. Construction Management It's no simple task to construct a multi-level building from the ground up. Proptech building information modelling (BMI) will help in the planning, construction and management of a building's infrastructure for the entire lifespan of the property. You will be able to see real estate floor plans in 3D transformed entirely from hand-drawn sketches in a matter of a few seconds. Not only does this technology help everyone involved from architects and engineers to construction companies, but it will help provide current information to any prospective purchaser. Investments and Operations In a commercial real estate transaction, you need ways to accurately supply information to assist in your real estate marketing plan. Current proptech trends are developing ways to supply real-time data allowing management to make better-informed decisions. Up to the minute statistics on a property's history, neighborhood details and current ownership costs will provide for better ways to estimate the value and future value for decision making. Smart technologies will be able to monitor various algorithms and adjust for safer and greener environments. Monitoring airflow and energy consumption are just a few benefits of proptech innovations. All this translates into buildings being more attractive in rental markets for both the purchasers and end-user. Benefits for Real Estate Transactions Critical data for both commercial and residential properties will be available to include geo-location technology for planning and development purposes. Details on topography, flood zones, and soil stability will speed up the process necessary for construction and redevelopment sites. For real estate agents and lawyers, property transactions will be verified instantly for legal documents, land titles and transfer of ownership. Through advancements in technology, all of a building's information can be digitally transferred in a matter of minutes. Waiting for week-long responses to register a sale will soon be a thing of the past. Technology and CRE have travelled on different roads for a long time. But the future is clear, following the money trail could lead you on a path to
REALTOR Uses RPR Commercial to Conduct Business and Break Down Barriers
Charlondra Thompson is a Realtor and Associate Broker with KW Commercial/Keller Williams Urban in Dallas. She started out as a residential agent, but quickly made the transition to the commercial side of real estate because of her business connections and corporate network. She was introduced to RPR about a year and a half ago through her local and state association, where she was encouraged to take some beginner classes and learn about the available reporting tools. This is where she learned that she can access RPR (through Deep Links) when she logs on to her MLS. "It just pops up!" says