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Homesnap is the top-rated real estate app in the App Store. Find out why millions of people are using the app that was built for agents and is loved by homebuyers.



Run your business from anywhere


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Custom news feeds and notifications keep you informed in real time.

Homesnap's customized news feed is generated from your browsing history and preferred zip codes. That means you'll never miss new listings, price changes or any other relevant market activity. Plus, you can set alerts to be notified of price changes for your favorite homes.


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Wondering about the benefits of using the SentriKey Real Estate mobile app versus using a SentriCard to access your properties? While the SentriCard gets the job done -- it opens SentriLock lockboxes -- it's not able to provide the robust experience that the SentriKey Real Estate mobile app does. Check out these benefits of using the mobile app, and you'll understand why over three-quarters of all SentriLock lockbox accesses are with the app! Benefits of the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App With the SentriKey® Real Estate app, you can: Open SentriLock lockboxes. Use your smartphone or tablet to open lockboxes. Learn how to open the key compartment on a SentriLock REALTOR® Bluetooth® Lockbox Learn how to open the key compartment on a non-Bluetooth® lockbox Access via Touch ID / facial recognition. Use Touch ID or facial recognition instead of your PIN to quickly and easily access your most-used functions. Learn how to enable Touch ID Release the shackle and assign/unassign a lockbox to a property. Release your lockbox shackle and assign and/or remove your lockbox from a property easily. Learn how to release the shackle on a SentriLock REALTOR® Bluetooth® Lockbox Learn how to release the shackle on a non-Bluetooth® lockbox Learn how to assign a Bluetooth® lockbox to a property Get property details. Upon opening the lockbox, you're presented with powerful features, including showing instructions, property details, listing agent information, and more. Learn about property details and how useful they can be Grant secure temporary access. Use the mobile app to generate One Day Codes or grant SentriConnect® access, which provides secure, trackable access to out-of-area agents, contractors, and more, and receive notification upon access use. Learn how to get a One Day Code Learn how to grant SentriConnect access Receive instant notifications. Get instant notifications via the Message Center to learn about missing keys, the beginning of a showing, the end of a showing, and more. Learn how to view access logs Keep track of showings. Use the My Schedule feature to schedule and stay on top of showing appointments. Learn how to schedule an appointment Learn how to edit an appointment Make your showings safer and more secure. When enabled, the Agent Safety feature automatically and discreetly alerts your designated emergency contact when you do not feel safe or cannot confirm you're safe. Learn how to enable the Agent Safety feature Access property data integration listings. Transition seamlessly into other apps to access all the detailed listing information you need from our integration partners. End a showing early. If you finish before the end of the allotted time, let the listing agent and sellers know. Learn how to manually end a showing And, best of all, there's no need for card renewals – ever! Worried that you won't have SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app access if you're outside of cell-service coverage? We can help make sure you stay connected. Here's how: For Bluetooth® boxes: A good practice is to update your SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App credentials each day. Whether you're a listing agent, showing agent, or an affiliated user, before you leave home or the office, launch the app on your mobile device. By authenticating, your credentials are good for 24 hours. When interacting with the SentriLock REALTOR® Bluetooth® Lockbox, it requires only a Bluetooth® connection to open the key door, even if you're out of cell-service coverage. For non-Bluetooth® boxes: If you're going to a showing in a remote area and that listing isn't using a Bluetooth® lockbox, we have a solution for you, too. Success is achieved by using the My Schedule function in the SentriKey® Real Estate app. This is done either by the listing agent creating the appointment directly in the SentriKey® Real Estate system, or through leveraging our integrations with other third-party showing services. When the showing is scheduled, and the app detects low or no cellular coverage, you'll be presented with a Mobile Access Code in the app. No card needed, no Bluetooth® needed! You don't need to use a SentriCard® to open your SentriLock lockbox. Instead, always stay connected with the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app! Get Started with the SentriKey® Real Estate App Want an overview on how to use the SentriKey® Real Estate app? Sign up for our App School, which will guide you through the process screen by screen. To view the original article, visit the SentriLock